Posted on: August 13, 2008 12:27 pm
Edited on: August 14, 2008 1:53 pm

Welcome True Believers

I finally made it to blog status! Not that it means much to those who don't know me. Regardless, I'd like to throw some topics out there and let you all just run with it. Today’s topic: G.O.A.T.? So I'm listening to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio on my way in to work and the ever popular "greatest athlete of all time" topic came up.  The usual names came up, Babe Ruth, Tiger Woods, & Wayne Gretzky to name a few.  The newest name to add to the mix is Michael Phelps.  Are you watching the show he's putting on in Beijing?  Amazing!  Here are some stats to help put things in to perspective.  Now the year the Yankees acquired Babe Ruth, he hit 54 HR.  The team with the most HR's after that had 50 dingers total!  Tiger Woods, and I understand that many argue that Golf is not a sport (I think it is), is just as dominant in his sport.  Tony from Louisiana emailed Mike & Mike and brought up a great point.  Tiger is #1 in the rankings with an 18.63 (not 100% on the numbers) and Phil Mickelson is #2 with a 9.someting.  In order to equal the same gap of 9 points that separate Tiger & Phil, you would have to drop down 110 spots on the World Rankings list! Then there is Michael Phelps. The way he is dominating the world of swimming, you have to throw his name in to the mix. Not only is he winning, he’s obliterating world records as he does it. World records that he owns! So in my humble opinion he has at least deserves honorable mention in the discussion. As difficult as it may be for me, I also feel Alex Rodriguez has to receive some consideration here as well. My boy Max Kellerman on Kellerman & Kenny (ESPN Radio 1050AM 10AM-1PM)brings up very valid points when bringing up the fact that A-Rod puts up Babe like stats in a strategic position (SS/3B) which makes him more valuable than the Babe was. Your thoughts?
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